Friday, November 13, 2009

HONK! My Experience :D

After a long day at work with my Mom on Saturday November 7, 2009, I was exhausted and ready for bed. It was around 10 p.m. when I arrived home, After taking a soothing shower, I tried to finish most of my Victorian Bed and Breakfast project due Monday November 9 for my advanced interior design class. Time passed by awfully quick as I worked on my project, It was around 1 a.m when my soft, comfy, and warm bed started calling my name repeatedly. I couldn't fight my desire to sleep, so I let it overcome me,i had forgotten what time the play started and didn't know when to set my alarm clock, I texted Shannon but she never answered, I can't blame her though, it was one in the morning, she must have already been sleeping. I set my alarm around 9 a.m. just to be safe, then I passed out around 1:30.
Beep, Beep, Beep! UGH! It's my annoying alarm going off, it took me a couple of tries to find my phone and turn the alarm off, it was quite difficult to do with my eyes closed, I was not yet awake nor did I want to be. Finally, I found my phone and grasped it, my eyes open slightly, just enough to see the off button for my alarm. After i turned my alarm off, I had a new text message, it was from Shannon, "The play starts at 1 p.m. I'll be at your house to pick you up around 12:30." After I read the text, I felt relieved to know that the play was in the afternoon. After
I had read her text, I checked the time which was 9 a.m. and without thinking I went back to sleep knowing that I still had several more hours until I had to get ready. I had forgot to set my alarm at 12 p.m. and when my phone started going off, I woke up angrily thinking that it was my alarm again, instead, it was a call, from Shannon. I looked at the time, it was 12:30 p.m. "Oh S***!" I cried, as i quickly answered her call, She asked what my address was, whew, I thought, she's probably leaving her house now which will give me time to get ready, after I told her where I lived, she says "Okay good, I was making sure that I was at the right house and I am, I'm outside." Oh no! I thought, Shannons already here and I'm not even ready. I got off the phone with her, grabbed some random clothes, and ran to the bathroom, I did my daily routine but this time in less than five minutes. That's my new record, I don't think I've ever gotten ready that fast in my life until that day. I made it out the door at 12:35 and was pretty proud of myself. ;)
Once I got into Shannon's car, I explained to her what had happened, she told me that it was okay, her words relieved my guilt of making her wait. Then our adventure begun. :D
The drive took only about ten minutes. While riding in her car, I put my hand in my pocket and felt a Small wad of money crumpled up inside, I pulled it out and then remembered that Shannon had reserved our tickets and bought them online, so Then I handed her the wad, not thinking how much it was, I was pretty sure it was eleven dollars since I remembered shoving it in my pocket as I rushed out of my house. Once we had parked at the Arvada Center and made our way to the door, we noticed that there were a ton of kids ages 10 and under with their parents, I men, tons! When Shannon and I decided to watch a play on based the ugly duckling called 'HONK!', we knew that it was based on a children's book, but we didn't expect that the play was going to be a children's play. :S
When we got inside and received our tickets, we headed to the theatre and ended up waiting in a line full of kids, at first, we were somewhat disappointed because we were afraid that this play was going to be corny and boring, but once it got going, our minds had changed!
When we finally got into the children's theatre, we were escorted to our seats. Shannon pulled out her camera and started snapping some pictures inside the theatre, the lady who had escorted us came over and told us that were were allowed to take pictures now, but not when the play was going on, Shannon and I were kind of expecting that already since it was a play, so we took a couple of us in our seats and the stage, then she shoved her camera back into her purse once the lights dimmed and the play was about to begin. We were both unhappy that we weren't able to take pictures of the play, it was exciting, cute, and amusing! (you would have loved it Ms. Espo!). C:
The characters in the play didn't actually wear animal costumes, instead, they wore regular clothes with details and add ons that resembled which kind of animals they were, the costumes were creative! The whole play ended up to be an amazing musical which was not corny at all. Hehe :P There were even some parts with adult themes that children didn't catch, it made the play hilarious, we heard more adults laughing than children. Ex. Tom Cat: *sings* "humans are cruel, they kick you out right on your ass...k your mother what it is!" ;)
The play starts out with the Mother duck is sitting in her nest with three small blue eggs and one huge white egg (the nest and eggs are cut out cardboard pieces, not real of course). Then more ducks, hens, and other birds come rushing in with wrapped gifts and hands them to her because her eggs are about to hatch soon. Then the tom cat sneaks his way up to the nest while all the birds are singing about how wonderful motherhood is and the cat sings about how he can't wait to eat a duckling, then the birds see him and shoo him away as they all leave the stage and the mother stays sitting in her nest. Then the mother duck's friend the hen and her start singing and suddenly, the three eggs start to hatch, the father duck then takes them out for swimming lessons, the hen leaves, and the mother duck stays waiting on the large white egg to hatch. soon it hatches and instead of being yellow and cute, the 'duckling' who was called ducky most of the play, turned out to be gray, and made loud obnoxious honks instead of quacks. The mother duck was a little frightened and confused first, but then accepted him as her son, since the others weren't back yet, she takes ducky swimming, he was a really fast learner and she said that he was definitely a better swimmer than the other ducklings, but then she sung about how he's a little different from them, but he shouldn't let them put him down, this made ducky confused because he didn't understand why and how he was different. once the 3 ducklings and the father duck came back from swimming, they were frightened and surprised at ducky, the father duck kept denying that Ducky was his kid and the 3 ducklings kept picking on him. Then the other birds came to see the ducklings and they were all discriminating on ducky, this made him depressed. the only person who would accept him was his Mom. then everyone went to eat and they left ducky behind at the pond. Ducky then sang about how he was lonely, depressed, and didn't know why he was discriminated upon for being different. The Tom Cat passes by and hears ducky sing, he hides and waits, then he surprises ducky and tells him that he wants to be friends with him, having no friends, being young, and vulnerable, ducky decides to follow the Tom Cat to his place because he was hungry and the Tom cat said that he would give him food. ducky was a little skeptical about going with the cat since his mom told him to never trust the cat but since ducky had no friends, he decided to give the cat a chance. The cat takes him far from home and into this humans kitchen that I think he broke into, he starts singing about how humans are bad and how he as planning to eat ducky. The mother duck realizes the ducky ran away or is lost and wants to go find him. She starts to leave the pond and says goodbye to her ducklings and husband. She then starts her journey to find ducky. Ducky escapes the kitchen that the Cat had taken him to, he runs into some birds who tell him that it's hunting season and that they have to journey by foot, ducky tells them that he's lost and they agree to help him back home. The cat then finds them and tricks them by telling them that the hunters were gone, the birds then start to fly but then get shot, this lie makes Ducky not trust the cat and he tries to get away from him. Ducky then makes his way into a house where there was a pet female cat and pet hen. he tries to hide there but then the tom cat finds him. The tom cat sees the lady cat and is intrigued, he tries to get her to leave the pet life and be a stray with him, but the Hen gets jealous because the lady cat is her friend and she wants her to stay, so then ducky helps her by leaving the house, cause he knows that the cat will follow, which he does. The mother duck runs into the birds who were shot and injured and asks them if they have seen ducky, they tell her that he was with the cat and gave her a map to which direction they had seen him. Before the Cat could catch up ducky, he encounters a female swan named Penny who was caught up in a fishing line, it was like love at first sight for him, he helps her out of the line and explains to her what had happened to him, she then asks him to come with her and her family as they head south for the winter that was coming close. Ducky would like to go, but says that he had to stay so then he could find his home and Mom. She gives him a kiss on his cheek and tells him that she would never forget him. After meeting Penny, Ducky meets this bullfrog and ducky sings about how ugly he is and how penny would never want to even think about being with him, then the bullfrog makes him feel better by saying that being different is a good thing. Once ducky and the bull frong depart, Ducky gets caught by a hunter's net, the cat finally catches up with him and sees him caught in the net, he makes ducky an offer, either he leaves him to get eaten by humans, or he can take him home to see his Mom one last time before the cat eats him. Since ducky realizes that he will be eaten either way, he decides to go with the cat so then he go home one last time. the cat gets him out of the net. Then they start to journey home but then they are hit by a snowstorm. It's winter now and Ducky and the cat get lost in the snow , they both become buried close to each other in snow. The mother duck finds the pink house where the pet lady cat and hen is and asks if they have seen ducky, the hen tells her which direction he had fled to and then she goes to find them and is hit by the same storm. Since Ducky and the cat are both buried in the snow, she couldn't see them and she gets tired and passes out in between ducky and the cat. After the storm passes. Ducky wakes up and uncovers himself from the snow, and he had become a swan. He sees his mother who also wakes up and is surprised to see that he had become a swan. They hug each other and she asks him if he's alright. Then penny flies back from the south with her mom and dad and sees ducky, they introduce each other to their parents. Then Ducky wakes the cat up, the cat sees that ducky had become a swan and gives up on trying to eat him and leaves the scene. Then penny asks ducky to leave with her. Ducky says goodbye to his Mom, but once penny's parents take off, Ducky and penny surprise Mother duck by saying that they were going to stay with her at the pond and be the first swans living there. Once they all get back at the pond, every one's amazed at how ducky had grown into a swan and Ducky introduces Penny to everyone. Everyone is happy and that's where the play ends! :D
After the musical/play, we were on our way to Shannons car, I reached into my other pocket and pulled out $11, I didn't know where i got it because i was sure i had already given the money to Shannon... i handed it to her anyways and she said that i had already paid her. Once we got back to my house, she checked the wad of money and ralized that there was only $3, we laughed and exchanged that cash again. Then Shannon had to go home then work and I had to finish the rest of my project and do the laundry :( haha

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